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BIOPLASTEX INDIA is the promoter of India’s largest Global Trade & Show platform for BioPlastics, Sustainable Packaging and Materials as well as International Distributors and C&F Agents of these materials in India.

We supply bio-based, biodegradable & compostable - BioPlastic granules & films for injection, blow molding, extrusion, thermoforming & other processes to suit a variety of applications to produce all kinds of products including Carry Bags, Bottles, Caps, BioFilms, BioFoam, Cutlery, Takeaway containers, Labels, Pouches, Rigid & Flexible Packaging and so on.

Most major International Brand owners are switching to these materials to help them move towards a circular economy & adopt sustainable packaging including many in India.

Besides this, you may be aware that Government of India has announced a draft Policy to ban Single-Use-Plastics ( SUP ) in all its forms beginning 1st Jan 2022 which is likely to cause disruption in conventional Plastic supplies for such applications. We believe this is a good time for Brands Owners and Companies such as yours to evaluate BioPlastics as one of the alternatives to gain some traction ahead of the ban.

If you have any requirement or wish to use these new-age compostable & biodegradable BioPlastic materials in your products or packaging, we will be happy to help you supply them. We can provide samples, conduct trials, submit test certificates, application references, import or supply these materials from across the Globe from some of World’s largest & most reputed International manufacturers directly imported / shipped from origin to your facility for larger quantities or supplied locally on C&F basis for smaller volumes.

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