India's Largest International TradeShow on BioPlastics, Sustainable Packaging & More.

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Dates of Your Show – BIOPLASTEX 2022 : Friday & Saturday, 24th & 25th JUNE 2022.

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International Exhibition & Conference on BioPlastics, Sustainable Packaging & More.

Bangalore, India

Friday & Saturday, 24th & 25 JUNE 2022

Attend BIOPLASTEX 2022 to explore the opportunities that the future of Plastics has to offer.

Exhibit your Products to reach out to customers and explore the potential of the Asian market.

Visit the Event to see, meet and network with World’s leading Manufacturers to source raw materials, technical know-how to expand your business.

Attend the Conference to learn about innovative raw materials, latest technologies, processes, new products, Circular Economy, Government regulations and more.

Participate to do your bit to save the Environment and Planet Earth.

Write to us at if you wish to Sponsor and / or Exhibit and to find out about the Cost of Booths, associated Benefits and Expo Floor Plan & to help you choose your preferred spot at the Show.

Venue :Manpho Convention Centre
Next to Manyata Tech Park

Date : Friday & Saturday
24th & 25th JUNE 2022
10.30 am to 5.30 pm.


Bioplastics are the family of plastics derived from the renewable feedstocks such as Corn, Cassava, Sugarcane and several other natural products. Being compostable, bio-degradable, eco-friendly, availability of renewable feedstocks and Government policies worldwide encouraging Industries & Consumer to switch to sustainable and eco-friendly products are the prime reasons for the rapid growth of bio-based plastics generally called BioPlastics.

The World is adopting sustainable products in every field of Industry & Consumer application to protect the Earth & it’s Environment that makes it – Air, Soil, Forests, Animals, Rivers & Oceans from further damage to itself including us – the Humans.

Migrating to Biodegradable & Compostable Plastics – generally called BioPlastics is one of them.

The World is adopting sustainable products in every field, be it Industrial or Consumer products, to protect the Earth &it’s Environment – Air, Soil, Forests, Animals, Rivers & Oceans from further damage to itself including us – the Humans.

Migrating to Biodegradable & Compostable Plastics – generally called BioPlasticsfrom conventional Fossil based Plastics is one of them.

Many Countries in Asia Pacific and most in Europe, Australia, Japan and the US have already made headway and many Countries are still lagging far behind in its adoption & awareness of such a solution.

BIOPLASTEX 2022 aims to bridge this gap by bringing some the World’s leading Companies in BioPlastic Industry to showcase their Products, Processes and Technologies to consumers and markets in Asia.

This TradeShow also will give a chance to Consumers, processing & product Companies of conventional Plastics in helping understand & connect to current players in this new sustainable solution within in helping to migrate and thereby contribute to the Environment as well as grow their own respective businesses within Plastic Industry for future.

Because it is clear that the future does not belong to unsustainable, environmentally unfriendly conventional Plastics derived from Fossil Fuels but to more smarter, responsible, sustainable and environmentally products such as BioPlastics.

Exhibit Products, learn from Speakers or just walk the Show to see exciting products made from degradable & compostable BioPlastics, if you wish to be part of this exciting new ‘World of BioPlastics !’

We look forward to working together to save Planet Earth !


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