BIOPLASTEX ‘Connect’ Regional Round Table Meetings

Continuing with our mission of ‘Steering & Strengthening the BioPlastics & Sustainable Packaging Industry’, we bring to you another initiative called BIOPLASTEX ‘ Connect’ – A year round & a day long B2B Regional Round Table Meetings to be held across Cities in India like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Udaipur, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi & Bangalore and International locations in Bangkok, Dubai & South Africa beginning 1st week of July 2023 through end of 2023.

The purpose behind this initiative is to give a chance to players like you to network regionally to help strengthen the Industry. Also on the Agenda is to compile a combined & collective ‘Industry Status Report’ & draft a ‘White Paper’ represented by all the Stakeholders across the Nation to be submitted to Government of India & various other States Government Agencies about the Policies that the Industry thinks needs to be framed in order to boost the Compostable / BioPolymer Industry as well as address & accelerate the eradication of Single-Use-Plastics that Governments, Corporate & Civil Society is so vocal about in India as well as across the World. We will also discuss other topics concerning the common benefits like Feedstocks, Raw materials, Prices, Demand & Supply, Processes, Technologies, Applications & most importantly Statutory & Regulations – Regional, National & International.

The ‘Connect’ Meetings will be held at a Banquet Hall of Star Hotels between 9 AM to 6 PM including Breakfast, Buffet Lunch & Beverages limited to a maximum of 25 – 30 participants.

And, you are welcome to join us !

The next BIOPLASTEX ‘ Connect’ will be held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on Saturday, 8th JULY 2023.

One Member from each Patron Company of BIOPLASTEX [ Sponsors, Speakers & Exhibitors ] will be invited. And a few distinguished Guests, too. Associates & Patrons of BIOPLASTEX Family from other Regions are also welcome to participate.

This Meeting is for participation by INVITATION ONLY but if your Colleagues / other Associates who are interested to attend then they can do so at a nominal cost of Rs 1500/- per head.

Register here to procure your Guest Passes

And, if you or any Associate Companies wish to Co-Sponsor the ‘ Connect’ Meetings to support the cost, they are welcome to do so, singly or jointly.

Co-Sponsor ‘Connect’ Meetings

State Circle Co-Sponsor : Rs 30,000/- [ For example Gujarat State – One ( 1 ) City ]
Regional Co-Sponsor : Rs 75,000/- [ For example Maharashtra, Gujarat & Rajasthan – Three ( 3 ) Cities ]
National Co-Sponsor : Rs 125,000/- [ Regions across India – Nine ( 9 ) Cities as listed above ]

The Sponsors name will be carried in all the promotional materials as well as communications plus they can place their four ( 4 ) standees in the Meeting & Dining Halls of the Event.

Date of the Ahmedabad meeting is firm – Saturday, 8th JULY 2023.

Venue & Agenda will be shared via email to Registered Attendees.

Calendar of Events for the rest of the Cities will also shared via on request email, to help you with your travel plans.

Team BIOPLASTEX Worldwide
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  • Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics and / or its Additives are NOT Bio-based / Compostable BioPolymers.
    They have been restricted for sale / banned in most other Countries Worldwide including US, EU, UK & India.
    We DO NOT support or promote Oxo-BioDegradable Plastics nor its Additives in any form.