Products to go BioPlastics way !

Compostable & biodegradabale Resins & Pellets to manufacture most BioPlastic products like :

Garbage, Grocery, Shopping Bags.

Disposable Food Cutlery – Spoons, Fork, Knife,

Take Food Containers : Cups, Lids, Glasses, Plates

Agricultural Mulch Films,

Milk Pouches, Ice Cream Cups

Toiletries Bottles

Films for various types of Packaging,

Personal Accessories like Writing Pens, Toothbrush, Cosmetics, SunGlasses, Watches, Toys,

Industrial Components,...

......and many more.

BioPlastic Feedstocks

Corn Starch
Tapioca Starch from Cassava Roots
and others

BioPlastic Raw Materials

Raw materials & Intermediary Forms
PLA Pellets
PBAT Pellets
PLA Films